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About Signal - Who are we?

Signal is an AI powered media monitoring, reputation management, regulatory compliance and market intelligence tool that gives its users global, unlimited, shareable information in an easy-to-use platform. Using cutting-edge machine learning techniques and built by data scientists, Signal has built solutions that empower business leaders and their teams by extracting, surfacing and analyzing hyper-relevant information from millions of global sources. Users can monitor key people, places, events, companies and topics in real-time, as well as track changes and measure impact over time, across more content than anyone could ever hope to read! How awesome is that!

It gets faster and more accurate the more data it consumes. With more data points to work with it can show past, emerging and future trends in real-time. It picks up on nuances and combines them to highlight the next big risk, opportunity or crisis that might affect organizations. It makes the unknown, known.

We Signallers are friendly and informal people! We are passionate about our Brand as we all have a stake in our success. We have an inclusive environment welcoming the skills and experience from many diverse backgrounds, together we have created who we are and what we sell. We are proud of our achievements and continue to strive for the unknown.

Signal is a venture-backed company that recently secured a cool $16m in its Series B funding round. Some of our investors include GMG Ventures, MMC Ventures, Frontline Ventures, and Reed Elsevier.

About the role - Who are you?

We are facing an exciting time as we expand and grow in the US! We will need to recruit a number of different profiles to add to the team in the US and at the same time our growing team needs support with everything from onboarding to dealing with the Community Managers at the WeWork we are at. Consequently, we are looking for a Recruiter / Office Manager to join our New York team.

Your responsibilities will include running end to end recruitment processes, onboarding new starters and looking after the office. You will also think of ways to further Signal’s employer brand in the US and network off- and online to make sure we tap into the right talent pools. You are creative and driven, with an interpersonal savvy that allows you to develop lasting relationships with candidates as well as across the Signal business. You're also comfortable with numbers and drawing insights from analytics and apply to both our hiring process and how we run our US office.

You will work closely with both the President of Americas and the VP of People based in London. You will be part of the People team which currently is based in London.

To be successful in this role, you will efficiently and effectively manage recruitment processes, provide excellent onboarding and also make sure the office is a great place to be.

Key Responsibilities - What you will be doing?


Office management


Key Skills and Requirements - What are we looking for?


Benefits - What’s in it for you?

We’re a rapidly growing company that is making a significant investment to scale the business globally, which makes it all the more an exciting time to join us. We offer you the following:

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