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About Signal - Who are we?

Signal has built a world class artificial intelligence platform that turns the problem of information overload on its head! We ingest millions of articles and posts a day from millions of sources, from news media to financial regulation. Using machine learning techniques our platform has become highly effective at stripping out the information within this content and aggregating it in a single platform. Users can monitor key people, places, events, companies and topics in real-time as well as track changes and measure impact over time, across more content than anyone could ever hope to read! How awesome is that!

It gets faster and more accurate the more data it consumes. With more data points to work with it can show past, emerging and future trends in real-time. It picks up on nuances and combines them the highlight the next big risk, opportunity or crisis that might affect organisations. It makes the unknown, known.

We Signallers are friendly and informal people! We are passionate about our Brand as we all have a stake in our success. We have an inclusive environment welcoming the skills and experience from many diverse backgrounds, together we have created who we are and what we sell. We are proud of our achievements and continue to strive for the unknown. Our goal is to give everyone that works here a career defining moment that will change their future.

Signal is a venture-backed company currently in its Series B round. Some of our investors include GMG Ventures, MMC Ventures, Frontline Ventures, and Reed Elsevier.

About the role - Who are you?

As a campaign manager, you will be an integral part of the marketing team, responsible for the end-to-end management of marketing campaigns, from ideation of a key theme through to execution of specific outputs - from events to downloadable content, webinars to advertising. You’re a problem solver, able to think from first principles around an issue relevant to one of audiences and pull it apart and find a way we can engage with them on it in a valuable way. You believe that the best way to bring customers to you is to speak to them about things they care about, and will work hard to be an expert in the industry and use-cases that we cover. You like to see something from start to finish and value thoroughness, and believe in constant iteration - what can we do to improve this campaign ‘in-flight’ as well as next time?

Role & Responsibilities - What will you be doing?


Required knowledge, experience and skills - Who are we looking for?

The ideal candidate will possess the following:

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